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It's been 2 months since I was pierced with a 6 gauge Prince Albert piercing. It's heeling very nicely and in a few more months I'll be able to start wearing my chastity device. The chastity tube still hasn't arrived and in fact is quite late.  I hope th
maidgwen · 1693 days ago

After a number of months I have finally convinced my lady friend to tell me the password to my chronov vault. I'm finally free.   I don't think that I'll be giving out the password anytime soon.
maidgwen · 2081 days ago

Email addresses don't seem to work.   Potential new members without a functioning email address, will not be accepted.   It might seem a bit harsh but I think everyone on the websites needs to be able to comunicate with any other member of
maidgwen · 2152 days ago

I sent Mistress Karen the email below. It's extremely important that subs or slaves report any deviation from a Mistresses plan, so I sent Mistress Karen the email below.Email content starts--------------------------------------------------The assignment d
maidgwen · 2205 days ago

Mistress Karen E-mailed me today with my first sissifying assignment.  When Mistress V read it she burst out laughing.   I clearly stated that there was to be no public humiliation in these assignments.  Mistress Karen says, my boundaries need to be exp
maidgwen · 2205 days ago

Well I finally did it. I decided it was time to shit or get off the potty.   I contacted Mistress Karen Leigh of Sissies In Disgrace and asked for her help in training me.  I told about my lady friend who occasionally helps me buy clothes and makeup.  
maidgwen · 2215 days ago
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