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Lost My computer for a while, now have a new laptop so can get back to it :) Hope everyones doing well. Things have been kinda slow around here lately but hopefully will pick up soon.   Mistress Michelle
MistressMichelle · 2540 days ago

Right before Thanksgiving rachel returned, susie was coming down for a visit and stopped by where rachel lived to help her load some of her things and to bring some stuff also. So, My angel was home again, and for Thanksgiving :)  rachel had been working i
MistressMichelle · 2634 days ago

rachels married, has been for nearly 30 years. Her wife is not into all this, she didnt sign on for a sissy, she married a man, or so she thought. rachel tried, she went thru the same thing all the girls do, try to sweep thier feelings under the rug and pr
MistressMichelle · 2636 days ago

This is a new attempt, to have a blog. I thought it would be nice for Me to keep a journel of daily life with our girl rachel, plus maybe help some of you along the way. Maybe you have thought what it would be like to be in a household as a maid, so heres
MistressMichelle · 2639 days ago

Life with My sissy....Take 2

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