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For those of you who enjoy audio erotica, I want to let you know about one of my recordings available on Niteflirt.  It's a fantasy about my husband becoming a cocksucker in a VERY unexpected way.  I won't give away too many details, but let's just say it'
MissPinkyGalore · 1953 days ago

Well, after weeks of hard work I am now pleased to announce the grand opening of !!! What started off as a simple blogger blog has now evolved into it's own independent pleasure palace. My fave part of the site is for the pin up gur
MissPinkyGalore · 2422 days ago

Holiday greetings! Please remember to have respect for your fellow earthlings and don't drink and drive! I'm curious to know who of our members here has served a proper holiday dinner as a sissy maid? Tell me all about it! Post pics if you like, too.  Did
MissPinkyGalore · 2435 days ago

(an oldie but goodie reposted from my personal blogsite)   So... I've been wanting a diaper sissy for a long long time.. not just any diaper sissy, but a really cute one.. one that wouldn't make Me want to hurl every time I looked at him. When I was in My
MissPinkyGalore · 2461 days ago

(cross posted from my offsite blog, but Admin has requested that I also post here) I am truly sick and tired of seeing kinksters attacking and eating each other.  I’m referring to people who are condemning others for their personal fetish choice, for “si
MissPinkyGalore · 2467 days ago

Hey gurls! If any of you would like your photos posted on my GreedySissies blogsite, you can send them to me here or at ~ We love to celebrate you in your finery~ the puffy and ruffly the better! Bring on the poof!!!! xox (edited on
MissPinkyGalore · 2589 days ago

If any of you gurls are bloggers and would like to be featured on my other project site, the GreedySissies blog, please feel free to send me your articles to post.  We blog about our phone sex girls, sissy fashion, and the lifestyle of sissy gurls who are
MissPinkyGalore · 2662 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm new here, but not new to the fetish scene~ if you google me, you'll find that I have been around the block more than a few times online and off! I am an Admin on an exclusive site for financial domination, femdom, fetish, & fashion cal
MissPinkyGalore · 2666 days ago
I went to bed snobby and I woke up snobbier!

I regularly blog on my site Snob To The Core , but I will be adding some sissy specific posts here, too

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