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(cross posted from my offsite blog, but Admin has requested that I also post here) I am truly sick and tired of seeing kinksters attacking and eating each other.  I’m referring to people who are condemning others for their personal fetish choice, for “si
MissPinkyGalore · 2611 days ago

Hey gurls! If any of you would like your photos posted on my GreedySissies blogsite, you can send them to me here or at greedysissies@gmail.com ~ We love to celebrate you in your finery~ the puffy and ruffly the better! Bring on the poof!!!! xox (edited on
MissPinkyGalore · 2733 days ago

 I have cross dressed on and off for many years and I have enjoyed it very much. When I confessed to my first wife some years ago, she only lasted three years and we divorced. She did not really mind my cross dressing but she found a more manly man. Our di
boyinpink · 2716 days ago

If any of you gurls are bloggers and would like to be featured on my other project site, the GreedySissies blog, please feel free to send me your articles to post.  We blog about our phone sex girls, sissy fashion, and the lifestyle of sissy gurls who are
MissPinkyGalore · 2806 days ago

Obvioously my physical changes are the most important to me, and these have come into effect very quickly, my breasts have grown out quite a lot and I now fill a bcup, my bum has filled out and instead of just being able to slip a pair of jeans on, i have
larasissy · 2614 days ago

Well, this is soething of a new start for me. I have had many thoughts about how much nicer it would be doing housework as someones maid (i have done friends housework sometimes in the past to help out, but dressed "normally",) but now it is time to really
MaidLucy · 2679 days ago

Lost My computer for a while, now have a new laptop so can get back to it :) Hope everyones doing well. Things have been kinda slow around here lately but hopefully will pick up soon.   Mistress Michelle
MistressMichelle · 2684 days ago

My wife decided it was time to show her face here and hopefully get some reaction and if people were interested on how she has dominated me now for many years. She will respond to all comments good or bad m
Mick · 2686 days ago

  An eventful two days. Another Monday, another day cleaning Mistress Lady Penelope's house. Sissy maid's lives are supposed to be rather boring, we do the same things over and over again and the only enjoyment we should get is when our Mistresses instigat
SissyBarbie · 2131 days ago

I become more and more disturbed by the number of both Masters and Mistresses I meet who really only want a gurl who dresses up for them it's not real.when I'm working I'm working being a maid is not a fetish for me it's a job.To put it quite simply I find
maidtrista · 2177 days ago
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