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Though people who know me as Jeffrey Rossman think I am a man, in reality, I certainly would not define myself as one. No one who knows me is aware I prefer being an effeminate sissy. I always keep my legs shaved, wear panties and I now have noticeable bre
sissyleah43 · 94 days ago

For those of you who enjoy audio erotica, I want to let you know about one of my recordings available on Niteflirt.  It's a fantasy about my husband becoming a cocksucker in a VERY unexpected way.  I won't give away too many details, but let's just say it'
MissPinkyGalore · 129 days ago

  An eventful two days. Another Monday, another day cleaning Mistress Lady Penelope's house. Sissy maid's lives are supposed to be rather boring, we do the same things over and over again and the only enjoyment we should get is when our Mistresses instigat
SissyBarbie · 163 days ago

  A great start   On Monday morning I woke up at 6:28, a little later than I had intended. I was due to go to Mistress Lady Penelope's house to help clean it. One of my standing instructions is to I ring Mistress at 7am to confirm I am well and to receive
SissyBarbie · 175 days ago

I become more and more disturbed by the number of both Masters and Mistresses I meet who really only want a gurl who dresses up for them it's not real.when I'm working I'm working being a maid is not a fetish for me it's a job.To put it quite simply I find
maidtrista · 208 days ago

Though people who know me have no idea I like shaving my legs or wearing panties or pantyhose, etc, what really frightens me should it be found out is that I like men. I had been chatting online with a man for a long time and he and I felt comfortable w
sissyleah43 · 241 days ago

I originally posted this little blog post on my personal blog back January 30th 2013 as part of my getting to know me series. I think that often times we don't take enough time to really get to know one another,but are purely a
MizBellaDonna · 256 days ago

After a number of months I have finally convinced my lady friend to tell me the password to my chronov vault. I'm finally free.   I don't think that I'll be giving out the password anytime soon.
maidgwen · 256 days ago

I am being directed to tell people publicly I am a sissy, my online name is sissyleahrossman and that my real name is Jeffrey Rossman, I am from Connecticut and that I am not the man people who know me think I am. I shave my legs, no longer have pubic h
sissyleah43 · 283 days ago

So turned on by this right now.
HottieAshley · 318 days ago
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