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Obvioously my physical changes are the most important to me, and these have come into effect very quickly, my breasts have grown out quite a lot and I now fill a bcup, my bum has filled out and instead of just being able to slip a pair of jeans on, i have to get them over my behind, i have started to get orange peel and stretchmarks, somethings women dont want but I associate it with femininity so am quite comfortable with them, my weight now goes to my hips, which have started widening, muffin tops lol, my skin is so much softer and its a joy to touch, i have more weight on my thighs, i tried my old jeans on the other day and my shape looked so feminine i was shocked, all these changes are have been so quick coming. It really is an amazing time in my life

larasissy · 2648 days ago
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  •  sissystephonie: 

    congratulations i wish it was me but im glad for you.

    may you become the girl you always should have been. : )

     2629 days ago 
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  •  MissPinkyGalore: 

    congratulations on taking a journey that most will only dream about

     2636 days ago 
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im a sissy, oh and i have a bcup
17.10.2012 (2648 days ago)
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