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Work is work
I become more and more disturbed by the number of both Masters and Mistresses I meet who really only want a gurl who dresses up for them it's not real.when I'm working I'm working being a maid is not a fetish for me it's a job.To put it quite simply I find it demeaning for anyone to even sexually desire the maid I do my work quietly and I do it well. Whatever man I go see after work how slutty I am and what I do after work is my business. So Masters and Mistresses pleas don't sell yourselves short if you get a maid use him right but keep sex out of the workplace as a manner of speaking.
maidtrista · 2211 days ago
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    Yes to a degree, sex has no place but chastity may have. I serve my Mistress and clean her house thoroughly or get punished. I expect the same of my maid. It takes a lot of work to train a maid, even though they do gradually become useful. In none of these scenarios is there any sexual element. Myself I am on my honour to remain in chastity and am allowed to masturbate about every 2 months. My maid is let out more often because she is younger. Chastity channels all a maids energy into serving her Superior.


    A maid should look her best though, how that makes others feel is irrelevant I think as long as they do not act on their feelings. I would think only an ugly Mistress, or a Master who cannot handle the distraction would want a dowdy maid.

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