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Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut is a homosexual sissy being exposed


Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut exposed as a sissy faggot wearing lingerie and heels.

I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I am a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT. My online IDs include sissyleah43 and sissyleahrossman. People who know me, such as my family and friends, have no idea what I really am, much less that I really do love boys and that I have been intimate with them, letting them know they are really men. Nothing excites me more than seeing a man naked with an erect penis pointed in my direction, as he knows I will either have my mouth around his manhood or have him deep inside me as I feel him thrusting his hard cock before he rears back and cums and I feel his warmth dripping down my legs. I am nervous admitting all this as people who know me have no idea I am not the man they think I am but a sissy faggot who loves nothing more than being a girl, shaving my legs, wearing perfume and nail polish, dressing in feminine clothing, wearing a bra, panties, and pantyhose and being with strong, good looking guys. I love when boys see me in my negligee because I can see them getting hard.  I need to be exposed so I can face the shame and humiliation of my family and friends finding out not only do I love to dress as a girl but that I love being with boys and pleasing them.  My social profiles, available for your use in exposing me are at:

sissyleah43 · 599 days ago
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The real sissyleah43 is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut
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