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Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut is a homosexual sissy being exposed


This picture of JEFFREY ROSSMAN, exposed as a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT, shows him wearing a short blue skirt, white sweater, nude pantyhose, high heels and holding a bouquet of roses. Jeffrey admits to wanting to be a girl and being attracted to boys, particularly if they are naked and hard, but fears family and friends finding out the truth about him. He enjoys shaving his legs in the bath, wearing nail polish, using perfume, and shopping for feminine things and seeing the reactions of the salesladies when he buys bras, panties, etc. Jeffrey needs to be exposed so he can no longer hide the fact he wants to be a girl, that he really is a slut and loves to have boys around him. As it is, Jeffrey always wears panties and pantyhose underneath his male attire.



sissyleah43 · 890 days ago
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The real sissyleah43 is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut
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