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A New Beginning

Well, this is soething of a new start for me. I have had many thoughts about how much nicer it would be doing housework as someones maid (i have done friends housework sometimes in the past to help out, but dressed "normally",) but now it is time to really give it a go.

There is a lot to learn, both about femenine clothing, sizes and styles etc.. Also about the work itself, but it will all be taken very seriously. I would like to get to the point where i could seriously be hired out by someone (who would keep any earnings of course) but that is a long way off as yet.

It will be interesting to read other peoples experiences, and lessons they have learned, and i will be sharing mine with others, int he hope they will find it useful.

I am a friendly person, so anyone should feel free to say hello anytime.



MaidLucy · 2714 days ago
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  •  MaidLucy: 

    Thank you for your kind words. I will keep this blog updated as things happen.


     2700 days ago 
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  •  MissPinkyGalore: 

    Lovely post, lucy~ best of luck in your endeavors!

     2703 days ago 
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